Sourcing and Procurement: Research, identification of suppliers and Purchasing of your products!

Sourcing in China is complex... Your problems? We know them:

How to find the right supplier? How can I be sure of the quality of the products? How can you be sure to buy at the right price? What about production and delivery times? Norms and Certificates ? The quality of the product and packaging?

With 15 years of experience in sourcing and procurement, our team of Chinese buyers based in Shenzhen allow us to source your products while making sure your budget and other requirements are respected.

How does it work?

1) Get in touch with us here (

2) One of our experts will contact you within 48 hours to define your needs and provide you a quote

3) Our experts identify suppliers and negotiate the best prices and conditions

4) Our team monitors the production, run quality checks....

5) We ship your packages directly to your customers or to any warehouse in the world

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Consolidation: Sorting, Repackaging and Consolidation of your Products in a single or multiple packages.

You buy from different suppliers and you want to sort and group your parcels as well as personalize and optimize your product packaging?

We inspect, refurbish and protect your products to improve the perceived value of your products and your customers' shopping experience.

Would you like to add a gift wrap? A thank-you card? A gift? No problem! Our team will customize your packaging according to your needs!


Quality control: Control and inspection of your products

Do you want to check the quality of your products before they leave China in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises when your products arrive at your customers' home or in your warehouse?

With Sifuservices, it's possible! Our team inspect and control your products according to your requirements.


Storage: Buy and Store Your Products in Large Quantity to Optimize Your Costs!

Do you want to source more in order to be more competitive but do not find suitable storage solutions in China?

Sifuservices has a secure and air-conditioned warehouse in Shenzhen allowing you to store your products.


Repackaging: Repackaging and Personalization of your Packaging and Packaging: Increase the perceived value of your products!

In e-Commerce, we believe that this is the small details that make a big difference. Surprise your customers by adding a thank you card, a gift, a user manual or simply to remove the invoice from the box.

Sifuservices offer you a flexible solution adapted to your needs and procedures in order to recondition and personalize your packaging directly from China!


Logistics & Drop shipping: Reduce your delivery times and deliver directly to your customers' doorstep!

Delivery times: One of the most important obstacles for your customers. Selecting the right transport partner and taking care of the transport formalities in China can be complicated and time-consuming.

At Sifuservices, our English, French and Chinese speaking logistics team will help you to find the best transportation adapted to your needs and volumes.


Product Photo Shooting: Boost your conversion rate and the perceived value of your products with professional product picutres!

"A picture is worth a thousand words." This proverb has never been more true than in the digital age.

0.05 seconds: This is the time your visitors need to make a first impression on your brand and products. The visuals of your products and your website are key elements of your brand image and have a crucial role since product pictures replace the physical perception of a product.

Thanks to its expertise and its professional photo studio, Sifuservices can photograph your products and retouch them according to your needs, allowing you to stand out from your competitors thanks to unique photos in high definition, on a white, black or natural background.

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